Sulz Stainless Steel Services

As specialists for pipe connections we here at Edelstahlservice Sulz have been offering since 1974 a large product range from R 1/8” to R 6” and weld fittings up to 808mm.

Our pipe union parts and mountings for drinks lines and our press fittings ensure economic pipeline installations for drinking water, foodstuffs, fluids and gases.

Ball valves and disc valves - fitted on request with rotary drives from stock - can also be supplied in brass.

At our site covering more than 10,000 square metres we produce high-quality products of all kinds made of rust- and acid-resistant grades of stainless steel and stock over 1,500,000 parts. In 2011, we began operating a further warehouse with leading edge logistics systems.

Our strength: order by 3pm and we’ll generally ship the same day.

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+49 7454 96 80 0