Stainless steel quality since 1974

Edelstahlservice GmbH was founded in 1974 in Stuttgart and relocated in 1978 to Horb am Neckar. Moving again in 1980 to Sulz enabled the entire manufacturing operation to be brought together. This remains the company’s headquarters and production site, with the management of the business remaining to this day in the hands of the Leuthe family.

With the takeover of Lutz & Gundlach GmbH in 1985 the first satellite site in Stuttgart was established. Further sites followed in Düsseldorf, Borna near Leipzig and – as a consequence of taking over Korbesta GmbH – in Norderstedt.

From 1991 onwards the expansion constantly made new warehousing necessary. Worthy of mention in this respect is the fully automatic small parts warehouse in Sulz am Neckar with over 12,000 module places for more than 5 million individual parts. The latest new warehouse was opened in 2011.

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