23. April 2024
TUBE 2024 trade fair

A success? Yes, if you mean the many contacts with our customers. And yes, we were also very satisfied with the team at the trade fair. We had our young people there for the first time and they were able to present themselves very well. So a very clear yes, the trade fair was a success, and in a really difficult phase we were able to present ourselves again after having been absent twice. We very much hope that we were able to answer all your questions during the trade fair and that you were satisfied with your visit. If there were any unanswered questions, please get in touch. We will also be happy to visit you. We look forward to a good cooperation, especially in our 50th anniversary year.

5. April 2024
Trade fair participation at Tube Düsseldorf, Hall 3, Stand B49

We are exhibiting at a trade fair for the first time since 2018.
We are very much looking forward to it. Let us be your host during these days from 15.04. - 19.04.2024.
We have come up with some great ideas to celebrate our 50th anniversary.
Food and drinks will be provided and at our new exhibition stand in Hall 3, Stand B49
we will be pleased to welcome you with the latest information about us and our products.
If you still need tickets, please send us an e-mail to
we will be happy to send them to you in advance.

12. December 2023
Donation marathon in 2023

After a record year in terms of sales, we did not achieve the expected benefit in the same way as in the previous year. Nevertheless, we decided to run our Christmas fundraising campaign again. Our employees were able to select local social projects and we donated almost 32,000.00 euros. We are particularly pleased with this fact, as our employees chose the aid projects after careful consideration. This has further strengthened cohesion within the company. We hope that we will be able to continue donating to these projects in the new year, which is our anniversary year "50 years of Edelstahlservice".

Förderverein GWRS Zimmern o.R.  500,00 €
Förderverein Gymnasium am Rosenberg, Rottweil  300,00 €
Kinderhospiz Regebogenland, Düsseldorf  2.000,00 €
Wolfsträne e.V., Borna  1.000,00 €
Bärenherz Leipzig, Borna  1.000,00 €
AWO Potsdam Büro Kindermut, Potsdam2  .000,00 €
Kirchenpflege Oberndorf "Tafel"  4.000,00 €
Kirchenpfleger Sulz "Tafel"  4.000,00 €
asphalt e.v. "GuteNachtBus" Düsseldorf  2.000,00 €
Förderverein krebskranke Kinder Tübingen  10.000,00 €
Nachsorgeklinik Tannheim  3.000,00 €
Norderstedter Tafel, Norderstedt  2.000,00 €

4. December 2023
Year-end rally at Edelstahlservice in production

We have once again made a strong push towards quality improvement and more efficient warehousing. At the end of November, our new CNC turning machine with extensive equipment was finally put into operation. This machine replaced an older one and the first turning results show a significant improvement in terms of tolerance compliance and surface quality.

In addition, our hacksaw has been replaced so that we can finally carry out saw cuts up to a diameter of 450 mm. At the same time, the new saw enables us to cut 45-degree bends up to NW 400 in-house.

A new lifting system for flanges from NW 600 to NW 1000 was installed in the storage area, which now noticeably relieves our warehouse staff.

In addition, our major project, the installation of the new Kasto pipe rack, will start on 04.12.2023. A stair tower with a height of 14 meters has already been erected at the warehouse to make the extremely complicated installation options as pleasant as possible. We very much hope that the installation can be carried out on our existing racking without any major downtime.

14. July 2023
New construction planning 2023 to 2025 -

Our major project for sustainable production and efficient logistics

We have ambitious plans for the coming years! With a newly acquired plot of land of around 5200 square meters, Edelstahlservice will build a covered parking area with photovoltaic systems in a first construction phase to generate sustainable energy (see Fig. 1). We will then move into the planning phase for our new production shop.

A state-of-the-art production hall meeting the latest standards is to be built on the site of the old parking area. The two-story hall will have a total area of 2,000 square meters and a clear height of 7.50 meters (see Fig. 2+3). The hall will be equipped with a state-of-the-art Kasto pipe store with a fully automatic removal of pre-material. With a capacity of around 300 tons, we will be able to guarantee our customers fast order processing in the future.

The merging of the production areas will also enable the company to install an additional rack for small parts fast-moving items in the existing halls. In addition, the packaging and shipping area will be optimized and expanded in a new way. These restructuring measures should enable efficient logistics and optimize the entire production process.

The "50 Years of Stainless Steel Service" project is a significant milestone for our company. We will keep you informed about the progress of the project.

24. February 2023
"Ready planned and ordered"

Edelstahlservice has once again initiated a major investment. After a long planning phase we have ordered together with our longtime partner - the company Kasto - another aisle of our pipe rack was ordered. The installation of the system with a length of 40 meters and a height of 16 meters will start at the beginning of November. Constructively due to the narrow aisle and ensuring the operation of the existing plant, great challenges had to be met. We are very pleased that after the small parts storage, now also in the pipe sector almost double the previous capacity in the pipe area as well. We will keep you informed about the construction progress here.

21. February 2023
We participate in the reconstruction aid for the earthquake victims Turkey / Syria

Today, in the name of our employees, some of whom still have family ties in the affected regions, we donated 15,000.00 euros out of solidarity.

This aid, which we are providing within the scope of our possibilities, is intended to be a sign of humanity with the infinite

suffering caused by this natural disaster.

All our employees support this action.

12. January 2023
Emotional farewell

At the end of December it was time. 30 years of cooperation ended with the well-deserved retirement of our salesman Peter Herbrandt.
He was a recognized expert and very popular with his customers, who could always rely on him. Legendary his shouts through the office "That's not how it works boss, the customer needs his material today and not tomorrow!"
The high identification with our company was noticeable in all decisions.
However, Mr. Herbrandt has been training our employee Robin Schädlich in his field for quite some time and has also already introduced him to customers.
We very much hope that in 30 years we will again have a good reason for a drink.
All the best in retirement Peter, we will miss you.

21. December 2022
Thank you for a great year

Dear Customers,

The whole Sulzer team would like to thank you and wish you a Happy New Year 2023.
Please stay healthy and continue to be well-disposed towards our team.

2. December 2022
Another year is coming to an end very quickly.

It was an extraordinarily difficult year for us privately. With the sudden loss of our good friend and companion Frank Leuthe, the year began really badly in January.
It continued with the beginning of the war, and after we thought we had the worst behind us with Corona, we found out that it could be even worse.
Thank God, thanks to you, our customers and our tirelessly working employees, the order situation was very good, up to extraordinarily good.
In the last few weeks, things have been a little quieter, but we would like to live up to our social responsibility and, as we did last year, support various donation projects at Christmas.
We would like to thank you on behalf of our employees who were allowed to choose the projects below.

IB Mitte GmbH "Kinderhaus Borna"    1.000,00 €
Kinderhospiz Bärenherz Leipzig e.V.    1.000,00 €
Kirchenpflege Oberndorf "Tafel"    4.000,00 €
Kirchenpfleger Sulz "Tafel"    4.000,00 €
asphalt e.v. "GuteNachtBus" Düsseldorf    2.000,00 €
Förderverein krebskranke Kinder Tübingen    10.000,00 €
Kinderhospiz "Regenbogenland" Düsseldorf    2.000,00 €
AWO Potsdam Büro Kinder(ar)MUT    2.000,00 €
Hörer helfen Kindern e.V. Hamburg    1.000,00 €
Förderverein Winternotprogramm Obdachlose Hamburg    1.000,00 €

We wish you and your families with your employees a peaceful Christmas and as carefree a start as possible to the new year 2023. Certainly it holds very big tasks for us, which we can only overcome by acting together

19. October 2022
Our promise of a quality offensive is further strengthened!

Despite difficult times, we update our machinery and continuously replace existing machines with more powerful models.
In the meantime our hall 1 is completely equipped with new models which all have a 2-sided machining and partly an automatic raw material feed.
Thus we have on the one hand expanded our capacities and at the same time guarantee our customers that the highest tolerances are maintained.
Now the focus is on the machinery in our hall 2. Here, too, we will continuously modernize in order to meet all customer requirements.
We will keep you up to date here under "News".

28. March 2022
A drop in the bucket

Edelstahlservice and its employees are doing very well at the moment.
Therefore, we want to fulfill our social obligation and make a donation of 20,000.00 euros in the name of our employees to the district of Freudenstadt to support the Ukraine aid. It is absolutely clear to us that in view of the suffering of the population there can only be helped symbolically by individuals. But we would like to show with this gesture express our solidarity and sympathy.

28. March 2022
Young team is looking for comrades-in-arms.

These are our participants of the training fair in Sulz am Neckar. Completely independently planned and carried out by our young troop, which wanted to bring in itself absolutely and this also perfectly converted.
We are very happy to have committed and independent employees who take care of our future junior staff in an exemplary manner. Do you also want to be part of our new generation? Then get in touch with us!

28. January 2022
Congratulations on the master craftsman's examination

A great success for our employees Henry Berthold and Jonas Schiebel.
They have both successfully completed their examination in the field - master for warehouse logistics.
Three long years full of privation, in which this, not only for our company, valuable further training measure was carried out part-time.
Through our qualification program for the further training of our employees, the costs as well as the flexible arrangement of your working hours were borne by the company.
Here also a thank you to the other colleagues, who partly took over the work of the two during your external training.
We very much hope that Mr. Berthold and Mr. Schiebel will support our company with their new knowledge for as long as possible and that they will pass on their knowledge to the young employees.

6. December 2021
28,000.00 euros donated for St. Nicholas Day.

As every year, our employees thought about who urgently needs help and how they can help, when we ourselves are doing so well.
We have therefore donated the following amounts to the following aid organisations with a focus on child poverty:
Tafelladen Oberndorf am Neckar 4.000,00 Euro
Die Tafel in Sulz am Neckar 4.000,00 Euro
Gute Nacht Bus Asphalt Düsseldorf 2.000,00 Euro
Förderverein krebskranke Kinder Tübingen 10.000,00 Euro
Kinderhaus Borna 2.000,00 Euro
Pelikanhaus Münster 2.000,00 Euro
Kinder(ar)Mut Potsdam 2.000,00 Euro
RSH Hilft Helfen Hamburg 500,00
Kindernothilfe Hamburg 500,00 Euro
DRK Odachlosenhilfe Hamburg 500,00 Euro
Hände für Kinder Hamburg 500 Euro
We would like to do justice to our social responsibility with this donation campaign.
We would also like to say "thank you" to our employees, because it is only through their good work that this campaign is possible at all.
The donations will certainly be put to good use and promote the common good of all of us.
Special thanks go to our customers who have provided us with orders in difficult times.
We are confident that we will also be able to donate in the future.

5. October 2021
New warehouse

Our new aisle in the automated warehouse area is nearing completion.
Already 30 meters of racks with a height of 16 meters were installed under extremely tight space conditions. Framed by a pallet rack and a long goods rack, all the material had to be brought in through the skylights, which was a logistical masterstroke with a building height of almost 19 meters.
Next week, the rails will be installed and then the RBG moving equipment will enter the building again via the skylight as the last large part. We are looking forward to the new warehouse, as most of the parts that urgently need to be stored are already in the building.

4. August 2021
Passed with flying colors.

Levin Schradin has completed his training as an industrial clerk with us in the last 3 1/2 years and has now successfully completed it.
Congratulations from the whole Edelstahlservice team!
Levin Schradin will strengthen our order processing department.
We are very pleased to be able to keep another "homegrown" in the company.

30. June 2021
A real masterly achievement!

His great dedication, even on weekends, has paid off: We warmly congratulate Philipp Garn on successfully passing the examination to become a master craftsman "specialising in mechatronics". Mr Garn has worked hard for this title over the last three years. We are proud of his achievement and are happy for him!
As part of our training promotion, we supported Philipp in his master craftsman training. We see investing part of the company's profits in the further training of our employees as a central task of an attractive employer. So we are keeping our fingers crossed for the successful completion of the master craftsman training for our employees who are currently still in the process.

15. June 2021
Company vaccination

Friday 11 June 2021 was a turning point in our efforts to limit the number of Covid cases and thus protect our employees and their families from the virus.

After a large number of colleagues had already been vaccinated due to private initiative and membership of risk groups, our company doctor from ASS, Dr Brillinger, and his team carried out the first company vaccination. After the second vaccination in about 5 weeks, about 87% of the employees at the Sulz site will have been vaccinated. Of course, this is all done on a voluntary basis. Thanks to the good compliance with AHA regulations, we have come through the pandemic pretty well so far.

All our staff will continue to act with caution and we are very pleased to be able to employ all our colleagues "in house" again soon, thanks to the abolition of the home office regulation.

Thus, the handling of your projects, dear customers, should also proceed without any problems.

5. May 2021
Price development on the stainless steel market

Despite the difficult overall economic conditions, price developments on the stainless steel market are problematic for our customers. After a brief encouraging drop, the nickel price is now rising sharply again. At the same time, other alloying elements such as chromium, molybdenum and scrap surcharges are also on the rise.
However, a price increase from China will have a much more direct impact. The Chinese government has completely unexpectedly and without announcement reduced its 13% export subsidy on all steel and stainless steel pipe accessories to zero. This applies immediately also to current orders from Asia and leads to an immediate price increase of 13%. We expect massive price increases for all weld fittings and threaded fittings in the coming days. Unfortunately, the increase is government mandated and cannot be negotiated. Please review current projects, revise any quotes already made and contact us early, we will try to help where we can.
Procurement bottlenecks will also occur in Europe in the near future. The mills are facing very good workloads, some of which are already reaching capacity limits. We are also currently experiencing daily price increases for long products such as tubes and bars. The market is on the move and will remain so for quite some time, also due to increased freight costs and energy prices.

27. April 2021
We also invest without specifications:

In order to maintain the health of our employees and the ability to deliver to our customers, we already ordered 2000 Roche self-tests for COVID 19 4 weeks ago.
With these, our employees can voluntarily test themselves at home before coming to work without much effort. In addition, comprehensive everyday masks as well as FFP 2 masks are part of the basic equipment of all employees. We sincerely hope that our concept, including the home office of our office staff, will help to protect our employees wherever possible, but also to maintain our ability to deliver. In the hope that the situation will soon return to normal.
Stay healthy

18. December 2020
Looking to the future 2021

It was also a difficult year for Edelstahlservice. We also had to overcome problems caused by the Covid crisis.
The top priority was to keep all employees busy without loss of pay and to continue operations without disruption for our customers. We believe we have succeeded very well in this.

Now the view goes forward, we placed a large single investment with our partner of many years, the company Via Store. The space next to the last lattice box store will now be filled. We get a tray rack with 2450 places divided in approx.10000 storage places for further 700 tons of fittings and armatures of all kinds. This single investment is connected with the exchange of the existing software on a completely new platform, which offers us more output and security in the use. With the new system we will be able to ship about 2000 items more per day.

It was not easy for us to make such a big investment in the current time but it is our firm conviction that the pandemic will end and we have to be prepared for a good future. We also offer security for our customers and employees, Edelstahlservice will remain your partner - for a long time.

6. December 2020
We donate 16.000,00 Euro

The plight of some companies, which got into economic difficulties through no fault of their own due to the Corona Pandemic, also led to a significant reduction in donations. We, the Team Edelstahlservice, which is still doing reasonably well thanks to its customers, would like to make a contribution and have therefore made the following donations.
Our employees in the branch offices were allowed to select their respective local aid organizations.

2000,00 Euro from the Potsdam office on:
- AWO Office KINDER(ar)MUT

500 Euros each from the Norderstedt office:

2000,00 Euro each from the office Borna an
- Children's house Borna

2000,00 Euro from the Düsseldorf office:
- Fifty-fifty homeless aid Düsseldorf

4000,00 Euro each from the office Sulz
- The Tafel Oberndorf am Neckar children's aid
- The Sulz am Neckar Children's Aid Board.

A Merry Christmas to you all and a hopefully better year 2021
Please stay healthy!

27. November 2020
Unfortunately, some traditions cannot be maintained.

Unfortunately, some traditions cannot be maintained. Although we have always had our very traditional Christmas party with the whole staff and their families for more than 45 years, with St. Nicholas, dancing, music and good food, and as one of the main events, the honouring of our long-time employees, we had to cancel everything this year for the first time. That is a great pity.

But we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone very much.
This year we had to honour them:

30 years Edelstahlservice
Peter Regitz Sales Manager Authorized Signatory
Sabine Buntrock Shopping Assistant
Johann Radekop mechanic CNC turned parts
Salomon Halle warehouse clerk in the area of goods receipt and collection

25 years Edelstahlservice
Karin Käsner Processing in Borna
Alexander Paul Mechanic CNC turned parts
Bahattin Sahin mechanic nipples and couplings production

20 years Edelstahlservice
Antje Thiele Branch Manager Potsdam
Viktor Win's mechanic pipe parts production
Jan Buschhardt Sales in Borna
Joachim Grass Sales in Norderstedt

15 years Edelstahlservice
Nancy Rath Distribution in Borna
Marcel Sitar-Bühs in Düsseldorf

"A total of 305 years of concentrated competence and experience, combined with
Loyalty to the company - for which we can only thank you but are also proud, to be able to keep them all in our team for such a long time. As soon as the situation allows, we will organize a celebration with the whole staff".

19. November 2020
Trade fair Achema Frankfurt is postponed!

Due to the ongoing critical situation, the organizer, Dechema, has informed us that Achema 2021 will be postponed to 04.04 to 08.04.2022.

We very much welcome this early announcement, as it gives us and our customers room for planning. However, we very much regret that we will not be able to welcome you at our stand as usual. Impatiently waiting for 2022, when hopefully normal encounters will be possible again.

18. November 2020
New employee

We are very pleased that we were able to gain a new employee for our Düsseldorf location.
Mr. Nico Schmidt, a recognized expert in the stainless steel industry, will strengthen our team with immediate effect.

20. August 2020
Unfortunately without us - Fair Tube 2020 from 07.12.- 12.12.2020

First the tube was to take place at the beginning of April, then the date was postponed to the beginning of December due to the Corona pandemic - in the hope that by then things would return to normal. Unfortunately this is not the case. It is therefore with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel our participation in the Tube 2020. Because health comes first. We do not want to take any risks for our customers and employees. However, by the next date, in 2022 at the latest, we will certainly be represented again with a stand at the TUBE.
Get through this crazy time well and stay healthy!

23. June 2020
Training was and is important to us

We are very pleased that we were again able to take on new apprenticeships in Sulz am Neckar. There is now another trainee industrial clerk in the administration department and we have again been able to recruit an employee for a dual university course at our company.
We are currently training two commercial apprentices and two participants as master craftsmen for warehouse logistics and one position as master craftsman for mechanical production. In addition, there is also a student in the dual system of higher education.
New jobs in Sulz am Neckar are still possible this year in the field of skilled workers for warehouse logistics. In Borna and Norderstedt, we still have capacity for industrial clerk trainees.
We wish all our employees every success in their field of training and assure you of all the support you can imagine.

5. June 2020
Arrived at last.

She is quite heavy our NEW ONE in our production process. But weight in the machine bed guarantees highest tolerance, accuracy and a low-noise, tool-protecting machining of the turned parts.
With this new addition to our production, the announced renewal of our machinery has started. We are very pleased to be able to show you new possibilities in the processing of your orders.


3. June 2020
Not only at Christmas, but when the need arises.

We, the company Edelstahlservice with its employees, have always been aware of the responsibility of companies in public. We always support various organisations at the end of each year.

Now, due to the Covid crisis, we have decided to donate 10,000.00 euros as immediate aid to the Kinderkrebshilfe in Tübingen. It is a matter of great concern to us to continue to support this organization, which cares for children in emergency situations and shows families perspectives.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself and your families.

5. May 2020
Still Corona

The one or the other can't even hear it anymore.
Unfortunately it looks like we will have to limit ourselves for quite some time.
Our concept of strict separation has worked smoothly so far. We work in shifts which are completely separated from each other by time shift. And in the office we organize ourselves with a reduced team by moving some of our employees to the home office.

All these measures have so far maintained delivery capabilities. But of course we also have difficulties that we do not want to hide. Supply chains from Italy or India are partially interrupted and have already led to bottlenecks. But here our customers have been very understanding so far. A big thank you for this.
Thanks also for the numerous orders, which help us to keep our employees fully occupied.

Of course we want contact with you and our employees, also in the home office you should not be forgotten.
Therefore, a few pictures from their new working environment.

Kind regards to the Home-Office Team.
Stay healthy!

15. March 2020
Corona virus - precautionary measures

Dear customers, suppliers and business associates,

the most important good is our health. This must be protected above all. With the spread of the corona virus we are already talking about a pandemic, a worldwide infection, which also makes measures necessary for us.

We have already taken precautionary measures at all our sites, which will contribute to the protection of all of us.

For example:

  • In personal contact with customers and suppliers, we prefer telephone and e-mail until further notice.
  • Visits to our premises are only possible in very urgent cases.
  • If possible, please also order in advance for pick-ups, e.g. by e-mail, fax or telephone. We will then prepare the goods to keep the contact as low as possible to avoid infections with us.
  • Until further notice we ask for your understanding that we will not participate in any external events. We will cancel internal events.

By the measures taken we try to maintain our readiness for delivery. We will keep you informed.

We ask for your understanding and support for these measures and wish you all the best and above all health in this special situation.

3. March 2020
Tube 2020 - Fair has been postponed

Unfortunately, the announcement of Messe Düsseldorf reaches us in the middle of our preparations for Tube 2020, and we would have been pleased to welcome you there at the beginning of April. But the current situation concerning a viral disease leaves the trade fair company no room for manoeuvre. We, too, have been concerned about our employees and customers and are 100% behind the decision to postpone.
As soon as a new date is available we will inform you.

21. January 2020
The exhibition year begins

We exhibit at the Tube Düsseldorf in Hall 3 Stand B 49 from 30.03. to 03.04.2020.

We would be very pleased to welcome you at our stand. We will be happy to send you admission vouchers on request. Please send a mail to

Let us surprise you. Our team will be pleased to present you our novelties in the field of warehouse expansion.

25. October 2019
»Valves and Actuator Technology« seminar

Our staff and customers had an interesting weekend on the latest 'Valves and Actuator Technology' seminar. Our manufacturer OMAL provided us there with extensive training on the latest actuator technology and how it can be used.

The seminar took place over two days and due to the high demand is due to repeated in the near future.
If you are interested in attending, please pre-register now without obligation by e-mailing

24. September 2019
The modernisation of the production operation and the installation of a further high-rack storage

Edelstahlservice GmbH of Sulz am Neckar, which specialises in the production and sales of pipe union parts and mountings, is further expanding the company infrastructure.
With the new administrative building now finished and our staff having begun work at their ultra-modern workplaces, the next stage of development is starting.
The modernisation of the production operation and the installation of a further high-rack storage facility with c. 2,500 trays, which facilitate in total c. 10,000 more module spaces.
By the final stage we will then have four aisles, each 40 metres long with a height of 16 metres - with 2,400 pallets and 5,000 trays. In the production facility two new CNC machines will help ensure that we satisfy our customers’ high tolerance precision demands.

10. May 2019
New Products

We are constantly making new products to customer specifications or from drawings at our own manufacturing facility in Sulz am Neckar. On each occasion we always consider whether the parts concerned are ones that are asked for by a lot of our customers, and, if so, then produce these ‘custom parts’ as standard stock items.
Newly put into stock in May, therefore, were all ‘Whole Sleeves’ and ‘Half Sleeves’ in steel grade 1.4404 with cylindrical threads to ISO 228.

We have thus further expanded our extensive sleeve stock. We now have in stock sleeves with threads to DIN EN 10222 (formerly DIN 2999) in materials 1.4307, 1.4571, 1.4404, 1.4462 and 1.4539 from Rp 1/8” to Rp 6” as whole and half overall lengths.

Sleeves with thread to ISO 228 cylindrical, material 1.4404 from G ¼” to G 2” as half and whole overall length.

Sleeves with thread on one side in custom lengths from 90 mm to 165 mm in material 1.4404 with thread to DIN EN 10222.

Sleeves with NPT thread made of material 1.4404. As a whole, two-sided thread from NPT 1/8” to NPT 4” and as a half, one-sided thread from NPT 1/8” to NPT 3”

All parts that have not yet made it into our portfolio of items held in stock continue to be made new to your specifications.
Naturally, we do not put into stock any drawing-based parts that are subject to copyright.

8. February 2019
Electric vehicle charging point

Having now settled into our newly built administration building and having also had the pleasure of welcoming several visitors, we have now extended our service for visitors this month by adding an electric vehicle charging point. If you wish to visit us in your electric or hybrid vehicle, you can thus now recharge your battery at any time right outside our front door. We look forward to seeing you.

22. October 2018
At last, we've moved!

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we carried out our big move into our new administrative building. Hopefully you didn't notice anything at all. Our aim was to move without any impact on the service we provide. If, however, you have been affected by any impact on processing times, we apologise and assure you that as of Monday everything will be back to normal.

As soon as it is all finished we will publish more details on the new building in our newsletter.

18. May 2018
Achema 2018 - Don't forget!

From 11 - 15 June, we are in Frankfurt at the trade fair Achema.
We look forward to seeing you in Hall 8.0, Stand G82.
Join the best.

14. May 2018
Building shell complete.

Just ahead of the Tube trade fair in Dusseldorf the shell of our new administrative building has been completed.
The roof is also already on and completion of the outer walls should enable dry fitting out of the interior by the end of July.
The building imposingly rises up now almost 15 metres into the sky. The view over our beautiful Swabian homeland is definitely going to be the highlight of our new offices.

30. April 2018
It's one trade show after another for us!

Having just finished the Tube 2018 trade show with, thanks to you, excellent visitor response, we are now getting ready for our trade show highlight of the year, ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who visited our stand in Dusseldorf. And we would also like to thank our entire trade show team who took on the additional work at the show with real commitment and hopefully made it a great experience for you. If despite all our best efforts you do still have any questions or tasks for us arising from our discussions at the show, please do come back to us. We will deal with the outstanding points without delay.

See you soon in Frankfurt! We look forward to meeting you there!

26. February 2018
Not long now until the first trade fair of 2018

We are exhibiting at Tube in Düsseldorf, hall 3, stand B49
From 16 to 20 April

We will also again be at ACHEMA in Frankfurt
Hall 8.0, stand G82

Upon request, we'll gladly send you admission tickets for you to use as you wish.
Utilise the opportunity to get a comprehensive impression of our capabilities and meet your primary contact in person at the show. We look forward greatly to having you drop by.

8. February 2018
Construction of the basic shell of our new administration building is almost complete

The ground and first floors are now finished. Our builders are now working with great dedication, especially given the prevailing temperatures, on the final, second floor. Completion of the shell is set for around the end of March, so everything is still on schedule.

30. November 2017
Christmas time

From Monday 25 December until and including Monday 1 January 2018 the business will be closed.
From 2 January all departments will be open again. Last deliveries will be sent out on 22 December, so please plan somewhat further ahead. All haulage companies are talking about delays due to the high volume of freight in December.

We wish you, your staff and your families a restful and hopefully peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

30. November 2017
Impressive experience

On time and as scheduled, it needed no less than a 300-tonne crane to place the roofing slabs on the ground floor. It was an impressive experience to see the great precision with which these heavy roof sections, each weighing around 18 tonnes, were moved into place. Subject to good weather, we continue to expect to be able to hand over the new administrative building to our staff on time.

22. August 2017
We warmly welcome the newest member of our team!

The new Kasto SSB A2 has been set up today and is beginning service on time in the sawing unit. With this new machine we now have 5 fully automatic saws of the highest quality. We thus expect to achieve even more accurate sawn cuts and a significant reduction in production times in our production department thanks to the increased sawing capacity.

5. July 2017
Like our deliveries, we were rather quick with the announcement of our new administration building.

Unfortunately we had to revise our plans several times and have consequently had significant delays. Now, we're finally getting going. September will see the start of the structural works, for which we have already commissioned a locally based contractor. We are very much looking forward to our new offices and will continue to keep you up to date.

22. December 2016
December 2016

We wish all employees of our customers and suppliers a nice peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.
We are available for you until 23.12.2016 and from 02.01.2017 we have opened again.

7. November 2016
New products

As a result of the expanded storage possibilities, we will be endeavouring over the coming months to put new products from stock into store for you. We would like to draw your attention to the newest member of our threaded fittings 300 range: boiler bushings in diverse lengths from 1/2" to 2".
At you will find the link to the product.The parts are made from seamless tubing of material grade 1.4404 at our premises in Sulz and are available right away. On request, we can furnish the second side with a thread as well.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that we can supply 333 bushings and 308 nipples of lengths 1/8" to 3" from stock in 1.4462 and 1.4539 as well. Further details to follow as soon as the products are available.

27. June 2016
New member of staff

We welcome Mrs. Kathrin Herbstreuter new in our team.
Mrs. Herbstreuter is from the 01/07/2016 all day our accounting strengthen. We look forward to the cooperation.

24. June 2016
New high-rack storage facility in operation

Our new pallet cage rack storage aisle has successfully gone into operation precisely as scheduled.
We have thus doubled our pallet cage storage capacity. Positioned one behind the other, all the containers add up to a length of around 4 kilometres. However, distributed over a height of 17 metres and a length of 40 metres the entire storage facility can easily be operated fully automatically via RGB and materials handling equipment.
Our storage capacity in the fittings and fixtures warehouse is now 4,000 tonnes on more than 13,500 module places.
The additional new to-bin and from-bin places enable us to increase picking productivity by 50% and thus to meet all your desired delivery dates promptly and reliably.
Take the opportunity to pay us a visit. Every day is an 'open day' and we would be delighted to show you what we are able to offer both in warehousing and production.

15. April 2016
Our high rack expansion is taking shape.

It must have been at least a 200-tonne crane with an 80-metre outreach that carried the rack-operating machine in through the tight gap in the roof 18 metres up.
Completion will as planned be on 1st June this year. As a result of the storage expansion and new handling system, we will then be able to process your orders even faster.
The system expansion affects one lane: 40 metres long, 18 metres high and up to 2,862 additional storage places.
New warehouse capacity: up to 1,000 tonnes of pipe accessories.

14. April 2016
Again a successful exhibition

Also this year, the five days at the International Pipe Trade Fair TUBE in Dusseldorf were very interesting and successful.
The 120 m2 large Edelstahlservice booth in Hall 3 has impressed the trade visitors once more.
The whole Edelstahlservice team say “thank you” to all visitors, for the good discussions and pleasant cooperation.

16. March 2016
Tube 2016

Don't forget!
From 4 - 8 April, we are in Düsseldorf at the trade fair Tube.
We look forward to seeing you in Hall 3, Stand 3B49.
Join the best.

23. February 2016
Retirement of our colleague Gerlinde Franz

Our colleague Gerlinde Franz leaves after more than 40 years of service, our company. You begin your well-deserved retirement.
Thank you very much for your loyalty to our company. Best wishes from the whole Edelstahlservice team.

20. February 2016
New member of staff

We welcome our new employee Mrs. Sonja Ziegler. Mrs. Ziegler works in our Purchasing Department office Sulz.

10. February 2016
Tube 2016

This year we are back on the tube.
From 4 - 8 April in Hall 3, Both 3B49
We look forward to you!

28. October 2015
Edelstahlservice October 2015

Stuttgart site relocating

From 1st November our staff will be based at the main plant in Sulz am Neckar. By making this move, we are able to build up still further our response to the increased demands for accessibility. You will benefit from the closeness to the manufacturing plant and to our large central warehouse.

In the course of this centralisation process we will be building our new head office in Sulz am Neckar. This will be a two-storey building with an energy supply system planned to ultra-modern criteria. The new training rooms will enable to intensify and expand the training services that we offer.

We will keep you up to date on the progress of the building work here under 'News'.

28. August 2015
Edelstahlservice GmbH, August 2016

We are further developing our business model with optimum availability of all pipes, pipe union parts and fittings made of stainless steel. In order to increase our warehousing capacities and further improve our delivery times, we have today signed an agreement with Viastore for the expansion of our automatic high-rack storage facility by the addition of another mesh pallet lane. Over the next seven months, Viastore will carry out the planning and construction of the 40-metre long, 16-metre high lane, including the new conveyor equipment.
We hope to have this storage area integrated by 1st April 2016 and thus to be able then to present you with a further expansion of our stock items.
We will keep you updated on the progress of this construction project here under 'News'.

21. July 2015

The recertification of the "ISO 9001", we concluded again with flying colors and are thus certified again for the next 3 years.

23. April 2015

15 – 19 June, 2015 in Frankfurt am Main
Hall 8.0 G82
We will be exhibiting at ACHEMA in conjunction with our partners. With us on our stand we will have a large selection of our products – extending all the way from industrial to pharmaceutical fittings.
We look forward to seeing you!

10. March 2015
Protected trade marks

Our word/figurative marks 305 08 067 'ES Edelstahlservice' (SS Stainless Steel Service) and 305 08 065 'Edelstahlservice' (Stainless Steel Service) have been published as protected trade marks at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office with effect from 27.03.2015 until 28.02.2025.

6. March 2015
Bushings and weld-on nipples in material grades 1.4462 and 1.4539

We now supply bushings and weld-on nipples from stock in material grades 1.4462 and 1.4539 from stock up to 2". We now carry weld-on nipples in special lengths from 30 to 350mm from 1/8" to 3" from our own production in grade 1.4404 as well. We look forward to all enquiries you may wish to make.

5. March 2015
A new member of staff

We are pleased to welcome a new member of staff to our order processing department in Sulz am Neckar, Mrs Letizia Camilletti. Mrs Camilletti is replacing our Mrs Angelika Buchmiller, who begins her maternity leave on 1st April, in relation to which we wish her all the best.

8. January 2015
New member of staff in our Norderstedt office

With the start of the new year, we are pleased to able to introduce to you a new member of staff in the sales department in our Norderstedt office.

Dirk Nottelmann, who has many years of experience in the stainless steel industry, has joined our team. We are confident that his addition to the sales department will enable us to develop our ethos of customer service still further.

31. December 2014
Retirement of our colleague Johann Banko

Our colleague Johann Banko from our Stuttgart office took his deserved retirement on 31.12.2014. We thank him for his work with us and wish him all the best for the future.  You are now being looked after by Mr Mayer, who will also be working in the Stuttgart office.

25. July 2014
Documented accomplishments

With a certified quality management system in accordance with the international ISO 9001 standard, we demonstrate that a focus on quality determines how we act and at all stages of every process. Combined with further certifications, our company is well-set for the future: the pressure equipment guidelines and the technical 'AD 2000 Rulebook' specification give concrete expression to all material safety requirements to be fulfilled pursuant to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC).

2. May 2014
New offices in Dusseldorf

The move to larger premises was urgently required to enable us to satisfy our clients' increased demands in full both now and in the future as well.

At Niederkasseler Kirchweg 23 we are now able to receive our customers in modern office surroundings. Our doors are open to visitors at all times. Pop in - we'll be glad to see you!

Niederkasseler Kirchweg 23, 40547 Dusseldorf.
T +49 2 11 / 45 88 801
F +49 2 11 / 45 42 918

14. April 2014
Successful trade show

After five very interesting trade show days, the international TUBE show in Dusseldorf is now over.
The 120m2 Edelstahlservice stand in hall 3 was a great hit with the industry visitors.
The entire Edelstahlservice team would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to see us on the stand, which duly reflected our new corporate image.

4. April 2014
New image

All trade show preparations are finished. The new image is all done and right on time for the TUBE trade show in Dusseldorf all printed literature and promotional materials are ready. From now on a striking green stripe will feature on all Edelstahlservice outwardly visible media. The new, clearly laid out product catalogue can now be ordered. A brief mail or phonecall is all that's needed.

8. October 2013
Training sessions and talks as new customer service

First events in Borna and Norderstedt a success

We are entering a new area of customer service by providing product talks and training sessions. The first event in mid-June in Borna, Saxony, covered two areas: innovations in pipeline construction and quality inspections of welded joints.

In September we then invited customers to a seminar held at the welding training centre in Hamburg. Following the theory on the topic of 'Stainless steel - Why is it so important not to have any discolouration near to the welded joint?', came the practical part. Each participant was able to weld a joint on the welding simulator. The computer corrected every incorrect execution with an immediate spoken message. Participants are thus able to learn relatively quickly how to weld - without any discolouration, which can have a negative effect on the resistance to corrosion. Many incidents of damage can be attributed to this, as discolouration destroys the passive layer that stainless steel forms after c. 12 hours. (More details here)

Attended by a total of 95 participants, the feedback from the two events was excellent. We therefore plan to continue offering customer training sessions in 2014 and will announce the dates in good time.

9. September 2013

As of now we’re online with our new website.

Always stay up to date - read regular news here about our product innovations, about the latest company developments and events and about much more besides.

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